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Latino Stars Walk of Fame

The rewarding and recognition of Latinos who have  grabbed positive national American mainstream publicity is critical to elevate the presence of Latinos in mainstream America. Producer Shed is a working on a program  to recognize Latinos who have risen to the top of their field on a national and worldwide scale in entertainment arts, business, science or politics.

Our objective is to create another tourist attraction in Texas which showcases successful Latinos in the USA and around the world.  We are benchmarking off the Hollywood Walk of Fame to launch a recognition program  modeled after the world famous tourist site in order to recognize the most successful Latinos.


We are working in collaboration with AJ Garces an accomplished artist and graphic designer to design the permanent public monuments which will immortalize individual Latino success stories to inspire generations to come.


To make a donation to this specific program, click on the donate button on top left below the menu bar.  Your donations will go to producing the monuments and bringing in the honorees for the induction ceremonies, And you will be added to our email list to keep you in the loop of our events.

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Producer Shed through a peaceful strategy will utilize Internet Video, Television and Film entertainment to help fight hate, racism and discrimination of Hispanics in the USA.

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