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Creation and Distribution of content are the most critical components of a viable production industry. There are many independent producers across the nation who produce as artists but have no idea how to monetize their projects. Therefore all their hard work ends up on their shelves. 

To be able to play in the big leagues, acquisition of high quality compelling content is of the essence.  And to keep building momentum in establishing a viable industry, the content must be compelling enough to warrant distribution in turn to create a cash flow through worldwide markets which will enable independent producers to continue creating jobs and building careers for them and generations to come.

Creation:  Producer Shed will seek out new content through request for submissions to our annual project search event. The content must be compelling enough to be a series which can create long term jobs and careers for Texans. The event will be the equivalent of a film festival tied to a conference, however it will focus around independent pilots that are promising sitcoms, dramas, sci-fi, and reality series productions. Participants will be judged and receive awards.


We will be inviting network executives to participate in the annual festival and conference. We have begun conversations with an established Canadian company in the film industry conference industry who is interested in partnering on making the annual event an international destination conference. 

DISTRIBUTION: Without monetizing content through distribution, we cannot grow the industry in Texas.   


Our primary methods of distribution will be through our Texas Gold Distribution Program.  We will partner with independent producers who have content sitting on their shelves to license their dormant content so they can begin generating cash flow to continue creating jobs in entertainment. 

To donate to this specific program click on the donate button on the top left below the menu bar.  Your tax deductible donation will go towards administering the annual festival and conference and helping independent producers with marketing and distribution of their projects. 

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Producer Shed through a peaceful strategy will utilize Internet Video, Television and Film entertainment to help fight hate, racism and discrimination of Hispanics in the USA.

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