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Patron Levels

Patron Levels

If you simply want to support Producer Shed in fulfilling our Mission without becoming a member, we ask you to consider becoming a Patron. The Board of Directors and Members of Producer Shed would like to thank you in advance for your patronage. Your patronage, will provide the state of the art tools and training to Screenwriters and Producers who are creating entertaining programs which will shape the minds of future generations and change the way Hispanics are perceived in the USA today.  By making available original compelling content inclusive of Hispanics as Americans, we will help reduce prejudices in the minds of future generations and create a better society for the new generations.

If you are interested in discussing your contribution further contact us.  Click on the links below to view the Perks of supporting us at the various Patron Levels. 

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Producer Shed

406 e. Locust 

San Antonio, TX  78212

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Call Us 1-210-227-8464

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